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Law and tech reflexions”

The Cyberlaw Journal of the Cyberlaw Research Centre of the  University of Lisbon School of Law  -CIJIC, the Cyberlaw by CIJIC , intends to position itself as a journal of added value. The basis for its edition involves the promotion and dissemination either from science of law, but also from its conjunction with new technologies and all related disciplines to the main subject of “Cyberspace“, seeking to fill it with a multidisciplinary approach.

Open to authors and international public, Cyberlaw by CIJIC aims to promote scientific research of excellence, in compliance with the most demanding international standards, attempting to contribute to the evolution of legal, technological, sociological and psycho-sociological thinking.

Held every semester, Cyberlaw by CIJIC will be exclusively digital format. Nevertheless, it is open to the possibility of publishing special issues in paper format. The articles to be published will be subject to “double-blind” peer arbitration procedure (peer-review), without prejudice to conduct specific calls for the drafting of scientific articles. These texts will be in Portuguese and/or in English, and, of course, for reasons of high scientific value, the Journal may accept texts in Spanish, French, Italian or German.

Texts submitted to scrutiny, by Cyberlaw by CIJIC cientific referees board, must be accompanied by a honor statement assessing its originality, authenticity and plagiarism-free.

Appended the Cyberlaw by CIJIC  Regulation and the Style Guidelines .


Cyberlaw by CIJIC

Law and tech reflexions”


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