Message from the Director


After a long journey of preparation and applied research, we are now able to present the Cyberlaw Research Centre (Centro de Investigação Jurídica do Ciberespaço CIJIC, at its Portuguese version), which I chair, at the Lisbon Law School.

Embodying an idea that emerged from group of teachers from several schools, It arose when they decided to pool their skills – with the respective institutional support from which they are attached – to disseminate and to teach the legal constraints involved in normative regulation of cyberspace.

We signed the protocol between the Navy School, the Lisbon Law School and the Instituto Superior Tecnico for the realization of the master’s degree in Information Security and Cybersecurity Law; We have cooperated with the Faculty of Science at the University of Lisbon and the National Security Office, in setting up conditions for the emergence of the National Cybersecurity Center; we held several meetings and seminars on the cyberspace subject; we signed protocols with the most reputable educational and research institutions in the area of cyberspace. Now is the time to introduce the Centre to the public through its own website, at, plus one thematic scientific journal to be published soon, aimed at cyber community, with its scope in legal matters and all the issues related to them.

I thank the team that makes it possible, namely to Professor Sofia Casimiro, to Nuno and to Eugénio. I fully trust that others will join us, contributing on its concretion and resilience, in a solid, careful and updated form of this project.

Hope that you consult, participate, criticize, write, making it a living and necessary space for all who are interested in the issues addressed in it. Thank you for the opportunity you give us to be able to work this way.


Eduardo Vera-Cruz Pinto


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