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CIJIC – Cyberlaw Research Center (in portuguese as Centro de Investigação Jurídica do Ciberespaço) is a research center dedicated to the legal aspects of cyberspace and, in particular, cybersecurity. Our mission is to create an intellectual environment that inspires and challenges law students, any type of legal professionals, computer experts and society in general to participate in a broad debate on the legal framework for information technologies and the changes they are introducing in daily life. Embracing a multidisciplinary approach, given the particular nature of the subject matter, CIJIC aims to provide a forum within which ideas can be disseminated and discussed and new projects developed. Among other initiatives, CIJIC has a periodical publication named “CyberLaw – by CIJIC” and promotes seminars and all sorts of events.
CIJIC is intended to Integrate the Legal Factors in Cyberpreparedeness, by facilitating the interaction between legal experts and cyberwarriors.



Founding Body

Professor Eduardo Vera-Cruz Pinto


foto vera cruz  branco_lado_fundovermelho

Professor Arlindo Oliveira

Acting President of  IST

 Arlindo  ist_color

Rear Admiral Edgar Marcos de Bastos Ribeiro

Commader of the Naval Academy

 alm_en  escola-naval




Executive Comission

Scientific Comission

  • Professor Eduardo Vera-Cruz Pinto
  • Professor Marco Antonio Marques da Silva
  • Professor Augusto Rossini
  • Vice Admiral José Torres Sobral
  • Commander José Chiotte
  • Professor Eneken Tikk-Ringas
  • Professor Paulo Verissimo
  • Professor Pedro Barbas Homem
  • Chief Judge Desembargador Antero Luís
  • Dr. António Figueiredo
  • Rear Admiral António Gameiro Marques
  • Professor Paulo Amaral



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